Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old-ish sketches

Old-ish drawing of Jeremy from sketchbook #9 (2008). I decided at the last minute that the students should wear uniforms - I never had to myself, but I thought it tied in with the theme of searching for an identity (and subsequent loss of identity, as a psychotic episode basically turns you into a completely different person), of finding where you belong in the world. Hmm.

I did have a pair of jeans with that heart patch on them. I sewed the patch myself by hand - it was supposed to be the Frenchkiss Records logo. (I started sewing one of the Dischord Records logo as well, but only completed the letters "D-I-S" before losing interest. Ha!) Eventually I took it off the jeans and attached it to a sweater, and after that I lost it. I still haven't figured out what happened to it, and I'm still kind of sad about it.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this...little things don't matter. Or do they?

Here's some more, even older, from sketchbook #8 (2007). Eeeeugh, don't like these at all. Although I do sort of wish that I'd gone with a simpler, less realistic style for the comic. I guess "simple" just isn't how I draw comics...

Would you like to see something even older and more frightening than that?

EeeGADS!! Behold, the first drawing of Jeremy ever. From 2002. I probably drew this about a month before my breakdown. (Yeah, I was signing my work "LEN" at that time for some reason, I don't even recall why) Is it lousy? Has my drawing improved? God, I hope so.


  1. Yes, they do matter! They give depth and all that. It's interesting to see the old drawings, Len Willie ^^

    (lol, my verification word is "NATUROMP" sounds like either a medicine or forest harrassment)

  2. *harassment

    arg I can't spell.