Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dance Party In Hell

Heeey folks, hope you're well.

Here's a drawing I'm working on to put on some flyers advertising my show.

It's a dance party in hell. Of sorts. Still debating whether or not to add some shading, but y'know what, I don't think so. :p It looks fab with flat colour.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pages 54 & 55

Next - pages 56 & 57

Previous - pages 51, 52 & 53

Issue 3 is now progressing much faster than I expected, SOOOO...let's begin.

It'll have some coloured bits as a storytelling device. I'm going to regret doing that once I go to have this printed, I'm sure. :p

Also a splash page.

I don't care for this all that much, but a friend told me she wanted it on a shirt. I'll definitely keep that in mind if I ever re-draw it. XD