Monday, April 19, 2010

Pages 24 & 25

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More dry brushing. That's Jeremy's friend Keith smooching Erin. Because apparently it wasn't enough to show Jeremy frozen AND impaled on tree branches. (???) JEEZ, Elaine. D: (This is still the dream sequence, of course)

From this page we can also deduce that Keith probably plays hockey and smokes a lot of weed.

I just ordered some new brushes, because all of mine are pretty much shot. I've read that it's normal for a brush to only last about 20 comic pages, which is kind of depressing considering how expensive they are. Oh well. :p

However, I did order the cheaper W&N "Sceptre Gold II" sable/synthetic blend brushes. I must be the only person on earth who prefers these to the ridiculously overpriced Kolinsky Series 7 sables. I find the Kolinsky much too stiff, with too much of a point on it. I'm sure I'm boring you to tears talking endlessly about brushes, so I'll end this here... :p

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