Thursday, September 15, 2011

Page 113

Yup, there it is.

I've finally started lettering all my pages digitally (I'm 5 weeks ahead, mind you, so this page still has the old lettering). I have no idea why I didn't do this before. In fact, it made so much of a difference in the look of the pages that I'm going back and redoing all of the lettering for each page of issue 4! Because clearly I wasn't torturing myself enough already. :P

And now here are some assorted drawings from Tuesday night Drink & Draw: (I won't explain any of these, make up your own story XD)


  1. Is that a pizard (pimp who is a wizard. I just made that up)? That's a pretty interesting concept haha.

    I'm a bit compulsive about redoing stuff myself, so I won't judge you for it. Even though it's really unnecessary.

  2. Yes! The theme was "nymphomancer" (which is a reference to Brad Neely's "Babycakes" series) which we decided was essentially a pimp with wizard powers. XD Fun times!

    It is probably unnecessary, but I decided that I needed to do it to have some measure of consistency (after deciding to switch to digital lettering when it got too difficult to fit all of the dialogue on to the original artwork). Because I do limited print runs of these comics, and it's much more jarring in print when the lettering suddenly changes on one page. :p