Thursday, October 13, 2011

Page 121

Hey, good morning, hope you're all well. The printed version of issue 4 will be available soon, after which I will make a trade paperback of issues 1 through 4. Still debating whether to go back and change/add things about issues 1 & 2 (the lettering, for one). I've been told by at least one person "don't George Lucas it," which is probably best. Hmmm.


  1. Going back and changing the lettering for the sake of consistency is nowhere close to "George Lucassing it". It's not like you're going back and making Jeremy into a Jane because you thought people might relate better to a cute girl... or even changing the dialogue - though If something needed to be changed on that front I'd say DO IT! It's not really a "published story" until the whole story is published together in a book!

    Can't tell you how excited I am to hear there's going to be a trade paperback soonish!

  2. Are you self-publishing the graphic novel or have you been shopping it around to publishers?

  3. Er, well, since you asked...I'm trying to get it legitimately published. Really hard. I can't drum up any interest, and am starting to get rather discouraged. The only place I've gotten any sort of reply from was Top Shelf (which was a "thanks but no thanks" - nevertheless, I've been told that even GETTING a reply from them is a big deal) I almost feel like printing out that letter and framing it. Hee hee! ;)

    (I'm also submitting for the final Xeric grant review. If I win it'll of course still be self-published but it'll be semi-legit...)