Friday, March 11, 2011

Issue 3 cover finished

You can now read the comic at !

I'll probably keep posting pages here, though, cuz I'm weird like that.


ECCC was fucking amazing. Can we do it again? Right now? Can we? Huh huh huh?!

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  1. So you are both writer and artist of Look Straight Ahead? Wow. You would almost have to be, since the panals and transitions are so seamless; even in some of the sudden scene-changes or surreal splash shots, I never lost the plot or connection with the characters. Awesome!
    Your talent at connecting with the viewer is so good...its painful.
    Reminds me of some very good, yet dark Russian short stories I've read. Even Erin, the angel of his dreams, is just one more source of pain. Ok, I cry over Disney movies so I'm a soggy critic, but every ten pages of your excellent webcomic I find myself wishing,"Jeez, throw this guy a bone." And then the Dragon finally shows up, whew!
    I found this through your Artspots account, and glad I did.