Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Page 6 and 7

Hey all right!

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Page 7 is partially based on an earlier test page that I won't be using. The "melting" page goes directly after this, but I'll have to re-draw and re-caption it. That shouldn't take too long - after all, for me the two hardest parts of all this are storyboarding/staging and page design. And since that's already done for page 8...all I gotta do is trace it onto a new page, move stuff around and ink it again. And you already know how much I LOOOOOVE inking. :D

I generally try to avoid putting four rows of panels on a page, since it tends to look cluttered...but I seem to be doing it a lot in this comic. Maybe I'm getting the hang of doing it right. I've noticed that European comics use four rows way more often than American comics, although I cannot find good examples online to back this up...I also recall Peter David saying that you should never use more than six panels per page, although he didn't mention rows & columns when he said that...so who knows.

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