Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sketches and scribbles

Some hilarious thumbnail sketches - now you see why I don't post more of these. XD Even _I_ don't know what half the stuff in the top image means. Oh, and there's also a pair of legs for some reason. I'm really not very good at drawing legs and so lately when I sit down to do practice studies, they're usually of legs.

This is usually what my roughs look like right before I trace them onto decent paper and make them all slick and pretty. But what's this?

I was having a lot of trouble with that set of panels at the bottom left, so I redrew them on a clean sheet of paper. Seriously, you don't even know how frustrating it was - I was stuck on this page for about three weeks. D: When I get stuck I typically go and flip through some other comics for inspiration, but unfortunately most of my comics are back at home. I should watch films instead, I guess - I seem to recall a scene in Matinee getting me out of a jam and inspiring the Fun Tak Man page.


  1. haha you should make a superhero which is just a pair of legs and y fronts XD

  2. HAHAHA definitely! Hey, that sounds exactly like something out of "Tales Designed To Thrizzle" - which featured, among other surreal things, a story involving aliens with women's legs for heads XD